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    CLI Report Job in 9.0.18

    Greg Tucker
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      I think I am missing something in the new CLI reporting interface in 9.0.18.


      The Report User Guide tells us to configure the Automation API, after which we can use the following command (as an example):


      ctm reporting report::get Alerts1 format pdf -o c:\temp\alerts.pdf


      However, I just get command not found. I cannot find a ctm.bat or ctm.exe anywhere in the base install or emapi-918 folder. Is there a parser that I am supposed to run first?

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          Florian-Sorin Iacob



          You need to install it before you use it. See Control-M Automation API Home - Documentation for Control-M Automation API 9.18 - BMC Documentation

          Based on my experience, best is to install this on the Control-M/EM server. Install first the JAVA SDK, configure it, then install Node.js. Using Node.JS import the file ctm-cli.tgz . Once this is done you can run the command ctm.

          If you want to run the reports in batch it is better to create an account (local to EM or a service account in AD) that have admin rights in Control-M. You can also create specific right for your account.

          Because in version 9.0.18 the reports are saved on the EM , the report needs to be available to the user with which you want to execute it.

          You can create separate environment for running reports in batch,


          I hope this will be the answer you need.


          Florian Iacob

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