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    BMC Integration Service : Question on Connector

    Sanket Mhatre
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      We are analyzing how integration service works , we have went through the available documentation  Home - BMC Integration Service


      I have installed the Integration controller in Azure on Ubuntu machine( for POC) & as I understand in case we want to design own connectors, then we need to install docker - connector development environment.

      I have installed connector development env on windows 10 platform (local desktop), and integrated local desktop env with the integration controller.


      So the connectivity of Desktop connector env --> Integration controller ---> Integration Studio is successful


      Screenshot from desktop


      Screenshot from Integration Portal


      Now the question comes, how to design connectors. There are lots of items/choices  in connector design, and we don't have any documentation. We know on high level how integration studio can be utilized as below :

      But there should be plenty of examples or atleast something to begin with. I want to develop connectors such that it can read the data from On-premise ITSM forms, and using in integration service, this data should be displayed in innovation studio application. But unless BMC doesn't give us documentation or examples, how developers can use the resources.


      Rajesh Rane , do you have any documentation on how to design connectors, or some examples?



      Sanket Mhatre