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    We have problems with RSSO 9.1.3 Looping

    Jan Rogstad

      We have installed RSSO on two different installations.

      Installation A: On this installation everything works fine.
      Installation B: On This installation, we do not get this to work.

      Both installastions are innstalled with same versions of Java 8.92, Tomcat 8.5 and Remedy 9.1.3 and have midtier and rsso installed on the same windows 2012 server.


      On Installation B RSSO does not works with either kerberos or AR certification (Bypass)
      The symptom is that authentication works, but the RSSO is unable to redirect to the requested midtier page.
      It looks like RSSO is failing with the GOTO-command. It starts authentication again with a new GOTO-command. And continues to loop.

      We have also tried to install midtier and rsso on two different servers, but with the same negative result.

      We've been troubleshooting this for a long time, but with no luck,
      is there anyone out there which has some great tips on where we now can try to continue the troubleshooting.