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    Custom Fields in Copy Change Functionality

    Nikunj bambharolia

      hello Everyone,


      We have a OOTB Function in change which says "Copy Change". We have some custom fields also in change form which we would like to Copy when it create a copy of the change.



      Can you guys experts help me to figure out where i need to make those changes. I know i need to add those custom fields in the Interface form for change but dont know other then that.

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          Ganesh Gore

          Please check Active link "CHG:CRQ:FunctionCopyChange_100". It calls active Link guide: "CHG:CRQ:CopyChangeGuide".

          Basically OOTB field data is stored in 'z1D Copy' fields and then below run process is used to copy this data to new change request:



          "PERFORM-ACTION-SEND-EVENT @ COPYTICKET "" + ";FormName=CHG:Infrastructure Change"

          So you need to create 'Z1D Copy' fields for your custom fields as well and update the existing workflows in the guide mentioned above.

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