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    CI relationship with Change Ticket using Atrium Orchestrator

    Ramkumar Pande

      The BAO OAM Change module does not have a CI association processess, How to do the CI - Change association using BAO processess. Any ideas?

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          Aryan Anantwar

          Hi Ramkumar,


          I'm not remedy expert so can't provide you the exact details but to achieve this you may need to do something as following:

          • When you receive the CI Name, you need to fetch the Reconciliation ID of that CI. (maybe from AST:PhysicalLocation form)
          • Then need to create records on ( CHG:Associations, AST:CMDB Associations forms with all required values)
          • Also you can check with Remedy experts if any other form need to be used for this.
          • To fetch data from remedy and create/update records in remedy forms you can use RemedyActorAdapter.



          Aryan Anantwar

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            Sidhdesh Punaskar

            I think it is sufficient you push data to CHG:Associations form.

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              Henrik Hauchwitz

              Hi Ramkumar,


              We actually do this and like Aryan pointed out, the associations have to be created in the CHG:Associations form as well as the AST:CMDB Associations form. The reason for this beeing that, while CHG:Associations is sufficient to show the association on the change console, the AST:CMDB Association entry is necessary to also show the association to a Change when viewing the CIs relationships.


              Some values you need are
                   - Change ID (CRQxxx)
                   - CIs ReconID (OI-xxx)

                             I look this up in the BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement form, in my workflow
                   - form names

                             For Changes, one will always be CHG:Infrastructure Change. The other will refer to whatever CI you want to associate. (e.g. Printer -> AST:Printer)

                   - DatasetID, which is the name of the Dataset, where all your productive information is stored. In my case, this is "BMC.ASSET".


              There are some more values you will need. The best way to find out suitable values for these is simply by looking up existing entries in the association forms.
              What I also found very helpfull, was looking up the forms in a browser, where you can manually create associations. Simply because you can see which values are highlighted and thus required to create an association.


              Once you have the necessary information, you can use the "Create Items" workflow that is part of the "AMP-AD-BMC-Remedy-ARS" module. This module requires the information to be provided in xml structure. The correct xml structure can, again, be deducted from looking at existing associations.


              Hope this helps you.

              Best regards,



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                Ramkumar Pande

                Thank you Henrik, Sidhdesh, Aryan for your inputs.


                I used a predefined process - Create Change Association for this purpose and It worked fine. I however did not check the Remedy views - CHG Associations and CMDB Associations.


                This process takes the configuration Name and the below xml as input.














                  <entry2-form-name>CHG:Infrastructure Change</entry2-form-name>







                For getting the CI information - I used the Get Appropriate Item process from AutoPilot Configuration item and passed on the values as input to Create Change Associations process after tokenizing it.


                As per the documentation this process can be used for association of Incidents to Change and CI to Change.


                Thank you again for your inputs.

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                  Carl Wilson


                  just to update here, this is an OOB interface form for the Associations that can be used to create, delete and modify both records from the one form as opposed to creating them individually - it is called "SYS:AssociationInterface".

                  It uses a combination of the Form Names supplied and Association Action drop down e.g.  Qualification to trigger the Change Associations creations for Services:


                  ('Form Name02' = "CHG:Infrastructure Change") AND ('Form Name01' LIKE "%AST%") AND ('Association Action' = "Create") AND ('Type_of_relationship' = "Service CI")