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    LoadBalancing of integration services (without F5)

    Wetomdie Achille

      I just want to inform you that there are technical ways to manage the Load Balancing of  Patrol Agents connection on BPPM integration services without use F5 module.

      which pauses a lot of operating problems to those who use F5 module.

      This requires some developments that I've managed to put in place as part of one of my projects with a customer. It works very well and is very reliable, stable and flexible in terms of maintenance, customization and evolution...


      Following the customer's request, I've implemented a module where you can set the threshold the of Patrol agents which could connect on each Integration Service Node which is member of a cluster and the module automaticaly manages randomly the load balancing of Patrol Agents connection on BPPM integration services.






      I'm available to capitalize on this relevant experience to offer you my skills on this type of need for your company