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    BPPM Interface with ServiceNow

    Wetomdie Achille


      I just want to inform you that there are technical ways to interface BPPM with ServiceNow by keeping sames functionalities and ways of working as for IBRSD plugging with BMC Remedy ITSM.
      This requires some developments that we have managed to put in place as part of one of my projects with a customer. It works very well and is very reliable and flexible in terms of maintenance, customization and evolution..

      Following the customer's request, I've implemented two ways to create the incidents in ServiceNow:

      Ad-hoc creation of the incident (via Remote Action menu on BPPM Console)

      Automatic creation of the incident (via MRL rules from BPPM)

      BPPM-SNow interface.png

      I'm available to capitalize on this relevant experience to offer you my skills on this type of need for your company