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    Azure VMs discovery errors

    Carlos Villalba Luis

      Hi Experts,


      I am trying to discover my Azure VMs through the API, I was able to configure both tools , set the credential , etc, but ... when i run the cloud discover, no VMs are on it, but it exists.


      Reviewing the disocver acces I can see that there is an error on Azure.VirtualMachines.ListAll script and the error message is 'AzureRequest' object has no attribute 'doGet'


      My Discovery appliance is on my  On premise infrastructure and the VMs doesn´t have public IP address. In fact if i do an Azure IP discovery , i can access to all machines, but i want to run cloud one to compare with the VMs.


      Is there any requirement to discover the VMs ??  I was looking fot it in the documentation but i didn´t find anything.