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    Custom mobile app to operate with ITSM

    Josue Araujo
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      Hi team


      In AIS Sistemas Avanzados de Información, we are giving service to a customer that works with telecommunications and internet, cable and television service, the customer requires that a mobile application be developed that allows him to connect to Remedy, for the moment they need to attend records of Assigned incidents for supporting employees who support in the field.

      The client reviewed the SmartIT tool, but is not satisfied with it, the customer has a different vision that goes with the field operation of the support engineers, so it requires an interface with many custom fields and a custom flow that suits to your needs.

      In our environment, we have enabled the option of Web Services and Rest API to interact with Remedy.

      The direct question, i can create an app, using the api of remedy (arapi_version.jar) or Web Services clients or Rest API Clients, or what method is recommended to create a custom app?

      Have you had clients that require this type of project?

      Do you have some examples of how they were created?

      Thank you very much.

      Josue Araujo