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    Smart-Reporting Admin User Credentials invalid - misleading error message during upgrade

    Thomas Hammer


      I've tried to upgrade ARSystem 9.1.03 to 9.1.04. During the installation process I've been asked for credentials of the smart reporting admin user.

      I was pretty sure what to type in, but the systems complained about an invalid password.

      Then I've tried to login to the smart reporting onboarding console with the same result: invalid password.

      After that I've tried to login to the smart reporting admin console with same user id and same password as before. This time it worked fine for me.

      What the h%% went wrong here? Tried again at the other places, same error as before.


      Then I realized that there is an error message on the smart reporting admin console that the license had expired at the end of 2017.

      I've never received a warning about an upcoming expiration date nor did BMC send any updated license information.

      So what can I do here? I've searched trough the community and KBAs and found this:




      I followed the instructions on that page and uploaded the new license file.


      And do you know what? No "invalid password" message anymore.


      BMC guys, come on. Here is much room for improvement. Please fix this.

      Such an absolutely misleading message is causing frustration and will cost time and money.