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    Regarding Innovation Suit : Query : On-Premise to Cloud

    Sanket Mhatre

      Hi Team,


      I have a query on the usage of Innovation suit. I have tried to explore some documentation but couldn't figure out the point #2.


      1. We are working with On-Premise Remedy 9.1 ITSM Suit.
      2. At the moment, We wanted to build custom application in ITSM, and instead of doing it with traditional way of ARS customization, wanted to build application using innovation suit platform. We really liked the easy working, UX features present in innovation suit, and would like to utilize it.
      3. However , as per the documentation innovation suit is only available on Cloud.
      4. I do have Sandbox environment in developers.bmc.com, in which I have created few test/sample custom application, however, how to integrate this Application running on innovation suit with On-premise ITSM?
      5. Question : Is there any possibility that innovation suit Application can read data from on-premise ITSM, process it, and again push back data to On-Premise ITSM?
      6. Question : In case Point #5 is possible . this to-fro of data between On-Cloud & On-premise would make it very messy, any possible option how to overcome it?
      7. Question : Also users would be using the existing ITSM application, how the authentication, data level permissions , sessions can be mapped between On-Cloud to On-Premise? What is the general practice or how the other customers are using innovation suit? Any use-case or example?


      Justin Bakker , can you help here for Point #5 , #6 , #7 ? I hope you are doing great !


      Sanket Mhatre