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    Managed File Tranfer: The Limitations when Creating a file transfer endpoint

    Al Gallegos

      Hello all,


      When creating a  Connection Profile using the "File Transfer Endpoint" and defining two host "Local CM" and Host2 you cannot transfer files to the host2 anywhere else but the "/" directory on the SFTP server.  Is this a limitation of the configuration an "Endpoint" Profile  when using SFTP?  If I create a "file transfer endpoint1 <- -> endpoint2 I am able to choose anywhere on on host2 to drop the file.


      In other words, If I want to tranfer a file from hostA (Local CM) to HostB using "File Transfer Endpoints" but I want the file to be transferred to HostB at location c:\dir1\dir2\dir3 it appears this cannot be done using "Endpoints" configuration.