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    Files replacing Notes & Attachments

    Joshua Lenning

      Any information on what BMC's plan is for Remedyforce's handling of the new "Files" option in Salesforce? Salesforce is no longer developing Notes & Attachments and eventually it will be deprecated. This is likely in conjunction with the new "enhanced" Notes feature. Sounds like everyone will eventually have to have the new Notes enabled and there will be 2 Related Lists used (Files & Notes). Presumably, for Remedyforce we can get by with Notes in Action History. What happens with RF Activity Feed? Add a Files section?






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          Paul Donders

          Hi Joshua,


          Please check out the early access program for Winter 18.


          BMC is on top of it.


          Paul Donders


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            Montgomery Yurchison

            Will BMC be replacing the "Notes" created in "Action History" to use "Enhanced Notes"?  I am on WInter 18 and although I can add "Enhanced Notes" to the "Details" area of the record as a separate section.  The notes area within "Activity Feed" of the record is not using "Enhanced Notes".  It appears  that when you create an "Enhanced Note" within "Details" it does appear in the "Activity Feed" as a "File".   

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              Virginia Leandro

              Our Activity Feed currently only records the Note to our Incident History object (called Action History under Details) so we are not using the Enhanced Notes section from Salesforce.  We hope to expand the Activity Feed to other Remedyforce Actions in the near future.  If you see value in having both our Action History and Salesforce Notes a part of the Activity Feed (or want the option of one or the other), feel free to send up an Idea as we continue to find ways to improve upon the Activity Feed.


              Virginia Leandro

              Remedyforce Product Manager