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    BSA: List only ACL Policy Names?

    Chad Wadkins

      I am attempting to get a list of ACL Policies using a blcli_execute command and, so far, the only thing I have found that is close is 'listAllACLPolicies', yet that seems to give the ACL names and their respective permissions in the same output, like the following:

      nsh_here% blcli_execute BlAclPolicy listAllACLPolicies

      [Name: ACLPolicy1, BLAdmins ACLPushJob.*

      BLAdmins ACLTemplate.*

      BLAdmins ACLPolicy.*


      , Name: ACLPolicy2, Everyone ACLPushJob.Read

      Everyone ACLTemplate.Read

      Everyone AuditJob.Read

      Everyone AuthProfile.Read




      Is there a way to get just the ACL Policy names like you can for Roles and Users?

      nsh_here% blcli_execute RBACRole listAllRoleNames






      nsh_here% blcli_execute RBACUser listAllUserNames