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    Footprints Road Map

    Courtney Patton

      Is there anywhere I can go to see the road map for Footprints?


      Thanks as always 

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          Nicolas Roome

          Don Cholish would be the person to answer that for you.

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            Vern Meyer

            We'd like to see something published as well.

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              Eric Liszt

              Hi Everyone,


              I thought i'd take a moment to provide some insight about how we handle roadmaps at BMC.   As you may have noticed, we typically do not publish a roadmap or share it broadly in public.    There is reason for this, but it takes a bit of explaining to make sense.  I'll try to do that here.  Please accept my apology in advance for getting into some details around accounting law.....


              This story starts back in the days of Enron.   If you remember that debacle, you'll remember how Enron executives "cooked the books" to make it look like it was more profitable than it really was and thus drive up the stock value.   The house of cards they created eventually collapsed, The stock plummeted and nearly overnight thousands of people (including retirees) saw their investments or retirement savings get wiped out. 


              The fallout from Enron was that Congress passed the Sarbanes Oxley (SARBOX) legislation to prevent this from happening in the future..  This act was designed to force companies to be more transparent about their financial standings.  It also put executives personally on the hook for that transparency and honesty.


              Fast forward to today.   BMC is a highly conservative company when it comes to ethics and financial integrity.  It always has been.  As such, we tend to be  much more strict in ensuring everything we do is in compliance with the law as compared to other companies.


              So... how does all this play into the roadmap, you may ask?   


              As the Sarbox legislation was interpreted by lawyers, auditors, and accountants, it spun off numerous operating rules that ensure compliance with the overall vision of the law.   One of those rules is that a company may not recognize revenue for any transaction where the customer may have reason to believe they have been promised future functionality in return for their purchase.  Furthermore, that revenue can only be recognized when the promised functionality is delivered.   There are myriad policies and rules around this that ensure compliance.   That said, where this impacts the roadmap is that we must do everything we can to ensure our customers don't end up in a situation where a reasonable outside person could interpret them as coming to the conclusion that they were promised future functionality.  In other words, It's not good enough that we (BMC) don't promise them future functionality and make it clear the roadmap is a plan not a promise..   Additionally, we have to ensure that customers aren't accidentally put in a position where they could reasonably assume a promise of future functionality was made.


              So, to address this issue, we tightly control how we discuss future functionality.   While we still discuss future functionality, we just do it in a more 1 on 1 way so as to ensure we are in compliance with the laws.  We also do so using themes and larger time-frames as opposed to using detailed specifics. 


              This is why you won't see us publicly publishing a roadmap.  It's also why we talk about delivery dates in terms like "next 12-18 months".   We still share forward looking / roadmap information.  We just do it in a way that allows us to be highly conservative about compliant with the laws.


              Hope that helps!   Please do reach out to Don if you would like more information on our go-forward plans.  

              And, you can reach out to me if you have questions around how we manage our roadmaps and future functionality communications.




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                Don Cholish

                To expand on what Eric said, if you would seriously like a 1 on 1 roadmap presentation, please reach out to your sales representative and they could best direct you once they understand your needs.  Since this is handled in a 1 on 1 presentation, our capacity to deliver is limited.  The good news is everything that will be in that presentation is either list in the Status "On Roadmap" or "Coming In Next Release" in this community.  That will get you the 18 month list if that's all you are seeking.

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                  Courtney Patton



                  I am actually more concerned with a roadmap on when previous defects will be fixed as opposed to when new things will be introduced. I just want the system to be working with features it already has in place.

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                    Don Cholish

                    Hello Courtney Patton  I think it is best for you to contact tech support about that.  If you can give a list of the defects you are waiting on in some priority order, we can give you some general idea of when each may be fixed.