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    Inicident with multiple steps and SLA requirements

    Nasser Bader


      We have a situation where a request, such as configuring a new network printer, requires multiple actions from different groups in IT.

      For example,

      1- IT receives request from user which gets assigned to network team.

      2- Field staff (helpdesk engineers) get assigned the ticket to check the printer and its MAC address and logs the details.

      2- Incident is reassigned to Network team to assign an IP Address and reserve the MAC address.

      3- Incident is reassigned again to field staff to install the printer and test it.

      4- Incident is resolved


      The issue is, our helpdesk is outsourced and we need to track their SLA for the parts they are working on.

      While at the same time, the network team is objecting that the ticket is closed under helpdesk team, so the network team work is not reflected in number of tickets worked on.

      Using Tasks in incidents was considered, but that does not have SLA tracking as far as we know.


      We are planning to trial a process where the network team would create a new ticket (with SLA) to the field staff and the customer will be the network team itself. The original ticket from the user would be put under Pending status. So, that when field staff resolves their part, the network team gets notification and they reopen the original ticket to complete it.


      Just wondering if anyone had similar situation?

      If not, at least let us know how would you handle a request that has multiple actors? Just use TASKS or change management/CRQs?