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    Entity type for SAN switch ports

    sameer sayed

      Hey Guys,


      I am trying to import data from Netapp OCI about the number of ports free, used and total for the SAN switches in a particular datacenter.

      I do not have the information about the arrays they are associated with.


      Can you guys recommend what entity type I should use?


      Storage entities and metrics - BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.3 - BMC Documentation


      I will be using the following metrics from [55] STOSSW data set





      We are on TSCO 10.3 and planning to move to 11.0 in a few months so need to ensure the entity types re portable.


      Thanks in advance


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          Steffen Gruebler

          There is no specific entity type for a storage switch, so you can keep it as Generic (ID 0).


          Hope this helps,


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            Andrea Gallo

            Hello Sameer,

            when importing Network Switch information, I generally use 'Network - Switch' (systypeid: 93, enttypenm: net:swt).

            Since there are no types dedicated to SAN switch, this is the best approximation.


            Please consider that the System Type do not limit the metrics that you can assign to the entity.


            If you want to avoid any complication while filtering on such a generic system type, you may want to consider to add a configuration metric (e.g. ST_TYPE or similar) having 'SAN' as value and use that as a tag.



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