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    Atrium Core 9.1.04 (SP4) - Missing Hotfix for SW00507975 (NULL values for Model and Manufacturer don't work)

    Stefan Hall

      Really a very very long time ago ...

      we worked together to solve the error "NULL values for Model and Manufacturer ignores classes". BMC provides a perfect working hotfix at 10/01/2016!

      23 month later ... it is still not integrated ?!?! It's more than a bit annoying when I have to ask the same question again and again for every patch and SP. I don't understand what's wrong with BMC. Where is the quality offensive mentioned everywhere? It's hard to recognize for me, but, as you know, hope dies last.


      Hi Gustavo del Gerbo,

      is the hotfix compatible with 9.1. SP4 too and I can use the included three files again without problems?

      - neplugin91.jar

      - neapi91.jar

      - netools91.jar





      Hotfix details:

      SW00483044 Patch normalization is not exactly the same as Version nornalization. For ex. Patch null in CI always gets normalized, regardless of PCT patch.

      SW00482012 <BMC.FILTERAPI.NORM.ENGINE>java.lang.NullPointerException

      SW00507975  NULL values for Model and Manufacturer don't work as documented



      Same Question for 9.1.03 (SP3)