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    How to change fields visible for 'Select and Link...' button

    Vincent Bartoloma

      I am trying to choose which fields appear in the dialog box when I use the "Select and Link to Change Request" button in the "Linked Services, Configuration Items and Assets" related list in a Change Request.


      I saw this response from the past :




      But when I attempted to do that I was unsuccessful. It had no affect on the fields displayed.


      I have seen 'Column Headers' Field Sets in other objects whose API name was "BMCServiceDesk__LinkRecords" - not just "LinkRecords" as was described in the answer in the link. So I attempted to change the name of the Field Set to "BMCServiceDesk__LinkRecords", but I was not allowed to do that. I was told the name had to be unique. But there are no other FieldSets with that name.


      So I'm wondering if I need to create the FieldSet through the Remedyforce Administrator somehow ?


      Also I would like to filter which records are displayed in the dialog box. Base Elements is the object I am linking to the Change Request and I only want to show records with certain Class Name values.


      Thank you for your help.

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