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    Where can i set if i wanted to use some of Field Sets for incident layout?

    Mina Horiuchi

      Hi there,


      I am little bit confused about the relationship between "layouts" and "Field Sets".


      I looked default Incident page and I understood that some of "Field sets" were using as a default layout .


      For example,

      - Console - Client Details

      - Console - Date and Time

      - Console - Incident Details

      - Console - Status and Priority


      But i don't know where does those "Field sets" are defined on the Incident.

      I am feeling maybe those are defined at "Page Layout"?


      Anyway I create customize "Field sets" like this.

      and now i would like to use "for_admin" and "Console-date and time" of Field Sets for the Incident layout like this.


      How can i do that?


      Best Regards,