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    How to Update Event status from Child to Master cell:

    Kaushik KM

      Hi Everyone!!


      Here is a situation :

      In cell1 - we fwd the events for ticketing part.


      cell A :  This cell is integrated with SNMP Tools -


      My question:

      1.Problem event will come to cell A

      2.All enrichment and refinements will be done here and then since we have written propagation policy from cell A to cell1, Problem event will be propagated to master cell.

      3.After some time severity 'OK' event will come to cell A, Since we have written Auto clouser MRL based on OK event, Then Problem event will be closed in cell A.

      Noww, Problem event will be open in the master cell even though we have received OK event at cell A.

      But we need the problem event to be closed in master cell too. How can we achieve this??


      Cell B : This cell in integrated with SCOM and HP NNMi using Seemless adapter which has " two way "communication between source tool and our cell B.


      Alert will come to cell B, Gets propagated to master cell, After some time, Alerts gets closed in SCOM or NNMi , which in turn will close the alert in cell B as its using seemless adapter.

      But we need the alert to be closed in master cell too. how to proceed in this case??


      Cell C : This cell is receiving the events from OLD Environment cell D, The Cell D is receiving events from Patrol Agents using BII4P3 adapter.


      When OK event is received at cell D, It will close the Alarm in cell D, But i need the alert to be closed in Cell C and in master cell as well.


      Please help me in the above cases!!


      Closing of event in child cells should result in closing of the event in master cell is the main intention.