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    License Issue: Digital Workplace Catalog 3.5

    Veeral Oza

      I was trying to setup Digital Workplace Catalog 3.5 on RHEL 6.6 with Oracle 11gr2. The installation was done without any errors.

      Then I generated Temp License. However after applying the license I am seeing the following error:


      Applied shared license key ######### with warning

          Message type : WARNING

          Message number : 469

          Message:  Warning, this key is not valid for this server.

          Appended: Invalid server license key ##########


      I am sure about the MAC addr. The same which is generated by running ifconfig command.


      Any thoughts, anyone?



      Veeral Oza

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          Veeral Oza

          I applied the licenses using mid-tier. The arerror log shows that the license was applied successfully. But eversince the first restart and subsequent restarts the system throws the following error:


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            Veeral Oza

            I was able to fix this issue. Apparently I was not using the correct method to start the services. I used the conventional ./arsystem start and stop method.

            But it turns out that there is a dwpcontroller.sh file that needs to be started.

            There is no mention of it in the installation documentation.


            If BMC is reading this, here are some suggestions:

            1) Please create a separate space for Digital Catalog documentation. Currently all MyIT/SmartIT/Catalog is mentioned in the same space. It take a lot of time and effort to browse and search through the documentation.

            2) Starting and stopping server process should be mentioned somewhere in the installation section. Currently it is mentioned in the very end of the DWP documentation. Again MyIT/SmartIT and Catalog troubleshooting is mentioned in the same space, which makes it even more difficult.


            3 days of effort gone, only to find the correct way to restart services!



            Veeral Oza

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