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    Mainview History Quick selection - Query

    Mohammad Rababah
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      I have been using mainview for CICS.   For a problem, I need to browse History and under that Quick selection.  In the panel, I have given date, time frame and all tasks which are abended.


      I am able to pull this information, but could not figure out the abend code.  If there are 100 tasks abended, for each task I need to browse and go to task details to check abend code.


      Could you please help me to customize  so that I get abend codes in quick selection of History along with task numbers?  Or if you have option to show abend codes, it would be useful. 

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          Bret Roberts

          Hi Mohammad,


          In order to see the original abend code for the listed transactions you will need to customize the CHIST view.


          Once the list of abended tasks is returned:


          - Enter CUST

          - In VIEW CUSTOMIZATION enter I MM to include the hidden MM field. (This is the Original Abend code)

          - Hit PF3

          - When prompted to save changes choose No and hit Enter.


          The CHIST view will now include an ORIG ABEND column which can be seen by moving right. 


          Note: Once you exit the CHIST view the customization is not kept. To make the customization permanent, choose YES when asked to save the change.  Specify CHIST as the new view name and hit Enter. Then each time you invoke CHISTORY and the CHIST view is displayed the ORIG ABEND field will be shown. This customized CHIST view is saved in your userid.BBVDEF dataset and can be deleted at any time.