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    Patch Remediation Job Report

    David de Andres

      We need to be able to obtain reports with the result of patch remediation jobs, so we have tried to use some of the built-in queries in BDSSA for patch analysis jobs and also tried using Utility.exportPatch* BLCLI commands without success. We have found that BDSSA reports and BLCLI output results only return info about analisys jobs without their remediation jobs related.


      Is it posible to obtain a patch remediation job report similar as a patch analysis report somehow?


      Thanks and regards,


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          Bill Robinson

          so you want to see if the deploy job run associated w/ a patching job run is a success ?  or what info do you want ?


          wouldn't re-running the same patching job after the deploy and looking for missing patches in that run show that all missing patches were applied ?  because the deploy of a patch can be a success but if you don't reboot the box the patch might not actually be applied yet.

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            David de Andres

            Ideally, the report we are looking for would show the following fields:


            Catalog NameAnalysis Policy NameServer NamePatch NamePatch StatusPatch Installation Output Message


            So the report would be useful to show the patch remediation job log entries specially when the patch installation was failed.


            Currently, it is possible to obtain the 5 first fields by building a report in BDSSA using the patch domain however we noticed that installation output log messages are not pushed into BDSS, not even within the Job Activity domain.

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              Bill Robinson

              why do you want the 'patch installation output message' ?


              what's the issue w/ re-running the same job you used to generate the deploy artifacts and confirm that it shows no missing patches ?

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                David de Andres

                Well, itseems to be interesting for administrators in order to debug and analise root causes ehen installations fail in patch deployments.


                We have found that "Live Reporting" is the way to go. Per default it provides "Deploy Details" and "Deploy ItemWise Detail" reports which are pretty much the kind of report we were looking for (reports for "Export Item Details" option of a remediation job in the console). It also allows you to easly build customized reports based on some built-in templates and it is part of BSA that doesn't require extra license.