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    Public check box in Activity entries

    Thomas Benson
      • A user asked the following question:


      "TOOL question - * whenever you add an activity in any record, unless you click the PUBLIC box, it’s private...

      (here's the question):  WHAT DOES PRIVATE mean?  does it mean that only people in the customer’s and the fulfiller’s support groups can view it?




      I think but am not certain, that this article answers the question:   Getting familiar with the Updates feed - BMC Remedy with Smart IT 1.5 - BMC Documentation


      The above article states that the system will display update feeds in the Activity notes for tickets which:


      • The Public checkbox is NOT selected (which means it is private)
      • The Public checkbox IS selected.


      So, the confusion I have is, if she is NOT following the ticket and the Public check box IS enabled, would she still get a feed if she was either the creator or assignee of the ticket?


      Again, the real question is:  What does Private mean (i.e., what does it mean when an Activity entry does not have the Public check box enabled?