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    BSA Console Slow when not BLAdmins Role

    Edwin Lindeman
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      We noticed this performance for a while but as we're adding users to the BSA console we're getting more reports on the slowness of the console 


      Here is what we noticed:

      • When logged in with BLAdmins role the console moves fast and no issues. It goes from folder to folder quickly.
      • When logged in with a different role not the BLAdmins role the console seems to be moving slow and going from folder to folder is slow and at times unresponsive.


      We tried messing with the launcher.ini and increasing the -Xms and -Xmx but with no improvement.


      Is there something else we can do on the client side to increase the speed of the console for non BLAdmins?


      Any assistance is appreciated.


      Best Regards