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    CMDBLOOKUP on selection fields

    Amar Achmedan



      I've a problem with the CMDBLOOPUK step in Atrium Integrator 8.1.002.

      When I do a lookup on a selection field, the transformation go on error and enter an infinite loop.

      My CMDB plugins are dated of 16/10/2014 (I've extracted the jar content).

      If I use a previous version of the plugins, dated of 25/01/2013, the lookup works fine.


      I've the same problem with the plugins contained in the Atrium Integrator 8.1.2 patch 001.

      I've also tested with other fields of type selection, changed the type of my constant to integer but always got the same result.

      I've the problem when I execute the transformation on local, on remote and even directly from the Atrium Integrator console.


      Does anyone already faced this issue?

      I would like to avoid reviewing all my transformations to replace the CMDBlookups with a DB lookups (this one works fine)