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    Smart Reporting reports always have (Copy) in the name

    Rick Westbrock

      I am brand-new to Smart Reporting (we are running a fresh 9.1.02 installation) and have run into a funky issue. When I save a copy of an OOB report to another folder with a new name the browse interface shows the original report's name with "(Copy)" appended. If the report is in a dashboard it also shows (Copy).


      For example I made a copy of the Incident Submission Trend report and saved it with the name "Incident Submission Trend - Shared Services" to a custom top-level folder as shown in the screen cap below:


      When I browse reports I see this instead:

      If I want to modify this report and save it as a draft it gets even more fun:


      I browsed the reports and it looks like this only happens when I save the copy into a different folder but not always, I have a couple of copied reports there with the correct name showing. For example I copied the Incident Analysis by Support Hierarchy report and saved it as 24HF Incident Analysis by Support Hierarchy in the same folder and don't have the (Copy) appended as shown below.



      Has anybody run into this before and if so is it user error or is it a defect? (I am tending towards the former at this point)