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    Incoming event information could not be parsed

    Baskar Gajendran

      Hello All,


      Incoming event from SCOM integration through msend is showing parse error.


      I have created  new event class, event slots and refine rule.


      error_message='BMC_TS-IMC031001E: Error at line 2, column 81: BMC_TS-IMC031142E: Expected "="';




      The problem is sometime the host fields comes with in the format  "Pxxxxxxx;Pxxxxxx;" separated by semi colon (;) and that's when this problem occurs.


      I wrote a refine rule like this, but still the issue persists.


      refine get_host_name : SCOM($EV)

      where [ $EV.SCOM_HOST contains ';' ]



      strtolist($EV.SCOM_HOST, ';' , $FLDS);

      $hostname = strip(listgetelt($FLDS,1));

      $EV.mc_host = lower($hostname);




      Thanks & Regards,

      Baskar Gajendran

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          Philippe Plomteux

          Hi Baskar,

          If the event is not correctly formatted when it hits the cell, rules won't fix it.

          You should protect the value  for the slot SCOM_HOST (using quotes) at the moment it is generated (using msend ?) , else the cell will use the semicolumn as a slot/value pair separator.


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            Bhuvaneswaran Ekanathan

            Hi Baskar,


            Slot and value pair are separated by Semi-colon. For example,


            In your scenario, SCOM_HOST is defined as STRING. When it contains semi-colon, cell understands SCOM_HOST slot has value 'Pxxxxx' and value after the semi-colon as next slot whereas it is not the case.


            Use single quote when there is a semi-colon in slot value or for all slot values enclose with single quote, SCOM_HOST='Pxxxxx;Pxxxxx.'; If not, use any other special character as separator, for example '$' '&' etc., and rule would work fine SCOM_HOST=Pxxxxx&Pxxxxx.;




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