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    [SOLVED] Blocking issues with PatrolAgent v11.0.00i on Windows: system() and execute() hang

    Bertrand Martin



      We're trying to finalize the next major version of Hardware Sentry KM (it's version 10, no less), but our testing showed evidence of a huge regression on the latest version of the PATROL Agent: v11.0.00i.


      The system() and execute() PSL functions no longer work on Windows! This will prevent most KMs from working.


      1 step to reproduce the problem:


      In the System Output Window, run:

      %PSL print("Start!\n"); print(system("echo TEST").".\n"); print("Done!\n");


      This will never return on Windows with a PATROL Agent v11.0.00i. The command hangs. The PSL script is blocked.

      It will return "TEST" on Linux, or on any older version of the PATROL Agent.


      Equally, the execute("OS", "echo TEST") function will never return on PATROL Agent v11.0.00i on Windows.


      Also affected is the function read() on a channel opened through popen():

      %PSL print("Start!\n"); ch = open("OS", "echo TEST"); print(read(ch, -1).".\n"); close(ch); print("Done!\n");


      This is the most severe regression I've ever experienced with the PATROL Agent in the last 15 years.


      Does anyone experience the same issue?



      -- Bertrand