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    mcstat: SVRDIR Error

    Nischitha Markand Rao



      Iam getting the below error when I run mcstat, mcell, mkill commands.


      BMC TrueSight Impact InfoStatus (Build 291399493 - 22-Oct-2017) [w6]

      Copyright 1998-2017 BMC Software, Inc. as an unpublished work.  All rights reserved.

      20171211 061345.283000 mcstat: SVRDIR: BMC_TS-IMC051024W: Skipping multiply define: Production_GDC, line 21


      Production_GDC is the cell name of our  BEM cell. Can anyone tell why this line is coming in the output.


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          Daniel Vallejo



          This error indicates that there are duplicate entries in the mcell.dir file.

          That file should be edited to remove the duplicate.


          What is the meaning of message "BMC-IMC051024W: Skipping multiply define" ?




          Daniel Vallejo

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            Nischitha Markand Rao

            Hi Daniel,


            We have our BEM installed in 2 server uxptpr21 and uxptor22. At a time cell will be running in either of the servers.

            Therefore we have made the following entry in mcell.dir


            cell    Production_GDC        mc uxptpr21.nam.pwcinternal.com:1828

            cell    Production_GDC        mc uxptpr22.nam.pwcinternal.com:1828


            Can you please tell me how entries should be made in such cases.

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              Daniel Vallejo

              Hi Nischitha,


              Why you has two cell with same name in different servers??


              You can see the cellname with output of command ps -ef in each server


              ps -ef|grep -i mcell

              31098 29028  0 22:16 pts/0    00:00:00 grep -i mcell

              46366     1  0 Nov20 ?        04:29:24 mcell -q -n pncell_xxxxxxx

              46391     1  0 Nov20 ?        02:34:33 /usr/pw/server/bin/mcell -q -l /usr/pw/server -n Admin


              With your config in mcell.dir file, if your cell need to propagate an event at cell Production_GDC, how it know what is the correct server to propgate the event this uxptpr21.nam.pwcinternal.com or this uxptpr22.nam.pwcinternal.com?


              The strings connections in mcell.dir file are similar to /etc/host to resolve names. I think you shouldn't configure two cells with the same name in the file mcell.dir.




              Daniel Vallejo

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                Bhuvaneswaran Ekanathan

                Nischitha Markand Rao


                If Production_GDC is a HA cell and uxptpr21 & uxptpr22 are configured as Primary and Secondary instances, configuration should be as in below link


                KnowledgeArticle - BMC


                In mcell.dir, cell entry would be as below in Primary and Secondary server


                cell    Production_GDC     mc      uxptpr21.nam.pwcinternal.com:1828     uxptpr22.nam.pwcinternal.com:1828


                If these are standalone instances, configure cell name as unique and make corresponding entries




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