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    Launch dashboard view, in context, from external apps

    Paul Nolan



      Does anyone have a solution to launching dashboard views, in context, from external apps using TSCO v10.3 or v11?


      The scenario in mind is that an event is surfaced in a third party alert console for action. Upon receipt of the event a  user can then right-click to launch a TSCO dashboard view in context by constructing the URL required to access the desired dashboard page. The simple URL "permalinks" available on dashboard pages contain an encrypted parameter to accomplish this which is not really usable unless there is a way to generate these dynamically.




      http: //tsco.test.system:8000/console/bcogw.do?lnk=AH4sIAAAAAAAAAKVSy27CMBD8mubCJQ8o5eADIqkaESBqUnpcbeNtY.HElu0U5e8boOoh6kOot9kd7cxotHFSlGwP8bJ48ARngT8NPQ0STngRBVNPYq86l3IWBl4lCU2Ob5SjwYYcGcuc6cirUEts4VXIYQdONHR_hjvthGpTDuXXKlfGSXLwvHyE4YyjrSHdFuVyu0pgfXv3DiyNb6I48L9RPSf8w.06rwytmyz8CcfejoRtbwe_6SzywxFjyKrOVMQ2yQaeyjQb8bXgnNpKSUjMXtCxxBdJv4eJcQZsHKBWx3.LVJ11qgHU.lxeOJ__2F_Za7quvdPtRcYTNifTZKI9XF5Cf06rmqoD260_AOirfwFpAgAA


      Any ideas anyone?