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    How to make Requested For fields mandatory

    Yvonne Thompson

      The Change Managers have decided that they want to make the Requested For fields on a Change Request mandatory.  Right now they default to the submitter if they are not filled out, but the CMs want to make sure that everyone fills them out.


      I've looked at the ALs associated with the CHG:ChangeRequesterDialogView popup form, and found how they set the fields on the CR form when filled out.  But not when they are defaulted (to try and override or pre-empt this functionality).  I only found one reference to setting defaults but that's on the CHG:Change Dialogs form which doesn't seem to help.


      Just checking on Submit/Modify if the  CHG:Infrastructure Change 'Customer Person ID' is NULL doesn't do anything either (not even at sequence 0), it seems to set the value before then.


      Any suggestions?