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    PSL execute() & system() on PATROL Agent v11.0.00i on Windows

    Ramassh Theivendran

      We observed an issue with the latest PATROL Agent v11.0.00i on couple of Windows platforms. Both the PSL execute() and system() commands are waiting on I/O, while popen() works. It doesn't matter what the actual OS command is. I used a simple "DIR" command. The waiting PSL execute() / system() completes as soon as a popen() command is issued. Please see the screenshot below:



      This happens from PATROL classic console and through the KMs too. Saying that we do have working PA v11.0.00i systems on Windows too. The only suspicion I have is that it happens when we uninstall the previous PA v10.x installation, remove the installation folders and install the new PA v11.0.00i version.


      Anyone experiencing this? Do you know why? Is there any tricks I can share with our customers if they find the same?


      I have raised a case with BMC Support too (Case: 00441279).