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    Business Workflows

    Anne Brock

      Not sure if this is the best place or not, but what the heck...gotta comment somewhere.


      I understand Business Workflows is evolving; but wanted to mention a disconnect on the documentation - Business Workflows now has a "Foundation area" where users can be entered, but the documentation still says to put users in through Innovation Studio (I've commented here - https://docs.bmc.com/docs/bwf/bmc-business-workflows-roles-and-permissions-746946891.html  )


      As I'm working through this, I just noticed an inconsistency - when I add a new Case template, the "Create Case Template" button is at the top. When I go to the Manage Agents or Manage Employees, the "New" button is at the bottom. Can we have all the buttons be consistent in the admin area? So have "Create Agent" or "Create Employee" at the top? (consistent naming as well as location). Let's take care of this kind of stuff early.


      Also, what the difference between Agent and Employee?