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    Product Catalogue

    Rowan Ward

      Hi All


      I have a specific customer requirement to remove the Global Product Categories within Remedy so that they can only view their own specific categories.  However we are a multi tenancy account and have approx 500 plus companies that all use the Global Product Categories.


      Does anyone know if this is achievable without having to impact the other companies?  I'm assuming this would need to be done via development, otherwise having Product Categories individually for every company would be inefficient.



      (We're on Remedy ITSM V8.1, but plan to soon upgrade to 9.1 so if anyone knows of any functionality within the latest version then it would be appreciated)









      (We're on Remedy ITSM V8.1)

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          Terje Moglestue

          I am not aware of any functionality difference between v8 and v9.1 that make this possible or easier to implement.


          When you say “remove the Global Product Categories” I think you mean that these menu options should not be included in the different Product Catalogue drop down menu? These menus are global and used by all instances or companies using your system. Theoretically you could create a flag called something like ‘Show Global Values’ Yes/No. Then update or replace the menu when the flag is set to no.


          Personally I would not attempt to do something like that. These menus are universal and used throughout the different ITSM Applications. You need to speak your local consulting partner with some more detail requirements. What part of the application do you want this to apply and where? You want to do this to make it simple for the end user to submit tickets? If that is the case – why not only make changes to the front end only?


          With BMC Remedy everything is possible – but something is best undone.

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            Rowan Ward

            Many thanks Terje


            Your explanation make sense to me & I thought there would be some risks with this.  This requirement is purely to make it simple for the Service Desk to submit/categorise tickets. for this one account.  So I am wary of doing too much customisation.  (Especially when Product Cats can be accessed via the Quick Action functionality & utilising Incident templates as Best Practice.


            When you say make changes to the front end only..... can you elaborate on this?





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              Terje Moglestue

              With front-end is just an expression. Often used for separate control panels, or with 9.1, you will most likely be using My IT (end user) or Smart IT (service desk). Without making changes to the ITSM application – there might be a possibility to make changes to or provide a separate interface / front-end for the users that require a simpler interface? There might also be other things they want? The back-end of the system is then unchanged – but you provide different gateways, windows, control panels or front-end for some of your user base.

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                Rowan Ward

                Many thanks for the response Terje... That gives me a good understanding in order to feedback to the original requester.

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                  Jason Miller

                  I have done this before, created a tailored Display Only form for the Service Desk team that used the "Interface" and "Interface_Create" forms. This was a homegrown app but it still used interface forms to create, get and update records just like ones ITSM provides. This kind of custom work is "bold on" and really doesn't have any risk of impacting out of the box ITSM. It is really the same concept as if you were integrating a different client/system via web services or the Remedy api, just in this case your client is another Remedy form. The biggest risk is not a technical one but is catering to a team


                  All that to say, if you have a team that has a need for a streamlined form and some other functionality that the rest of the organization doesn't need you could fairly easily build a front end to Incident (assuming that it the scope).