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    Visualization Map Not Showing All Hosts

    Howard Lyle

      In our environment, we have an ESX host containing a virtual host which contains a host.

      In some visualizations, where there are multiple hosts on different virtual servers on different ESX hosts, we only see one host <-- virtual host <-- ESX host and the other hosts do not show the virtual host/ESX host relationship.  See the attached screenshot.


      In the BAI details, the one virtual host is listed but the rest are not.  All the hosts were added to the BAI the same way so I would expect to see all the virtual hosts, too.


      No Host.JPGNo Host Details.JPG

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          Duncan Grisby

          Here you are looking at application models, so what you see in the visualization totally depends upon what is included in the model definition. The one ESX server that you do see must have been explicitly included in the model; others were not.


          A guess about why that might be is that the model was at least in part started from a visualization of the Host named coaprnt1. When you start a visualization from a virtual Host, the visualization shows the VM and the associated physical machine for that Host. On the other hand, if a Host is shown in a visualization because some software on it is shown, then other software running on the Host, and the Host's VM and associated hypervisor are not shown. What that means is that if you started a visualization of Host coaprnt1, its VM and hypervisor Host would be shown, but any other Host nodes that are shown due to communication relationships would not show their associated VM details. If you then just blindly model an application from the visualization without removing the VM and hypervisor, they will be included in the model, because that is what you asked for.

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            Howard Lyle

            Thanks, Duncan, for your reply.


            While I understand your answer and it certainly makes sense, I would like to explore this a little bit more.


            In this case, the customer selected all the host servers that the application is running on - they were all prefixed with coapr - by doing a search where host where name matches "^coapr" and then selecting the the hosts and visualize/model feature.


            The resulting map is shown in my previous post and they asked why some where expanded and some not.


            They are running version 11.2.01.


            Appreciate any help/explanation.

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              Duncan Grisby

              Without seeing the exact steps you went through, I'm afraid I can't say beyond that.