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    How can I set the sender address when creating a new incident

    Craig Holmes

      Hi All,


      Wondered if someone could help me with a strange email problem in Remedy Force, I believe I have set everything up but the FROM email address is incorrect when I manually create a new ticket.


      1. If I create an incident manually via the console form, the email the customer receives is from the staff members email address (rather than servicedesk@companyname.com).
      2. If a customer emails servicedesk@companyname.com, they get an acknowledgement from servicedesk@companyname.com.
      3. If I use action list->email, to the customer, the email they receive is from servicedesk@companyname.com.
      4. If I create the incident manually, as per number 1., when I subsequently use action list-> email, the email the customer receives is from servicedesk@companyname.com.


      My question is therefore, how do I do number 1 - create an incident manually, and the email is sent from servicedesk@companyname.com.


      I obviously have most things right as everything else seems to be generated with an email address from servicedesk@companyname.com, but just not when creating the incident manually.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.