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    Control-D backup mission

    Kevin Ford

      Hi, relatively new to Control-D.  Within a Control-D decollation mission, there are multiple reports.  Some are backed up by a mission, some are not backed up at all.  For example, one report for user A has a backup mission defined to it, another report produced for user B does not.   Will the reports for user B, which does not have a backup mission in its decollation, remain in the U panel in status "Waiting For BKP"?


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          Paul Robins

          Hi Kevin, this can be a little misleading.

          Control-D reports are backed up at the SYSDATA\CDAM file level.

          So the answer to your question may depend on whether the reports are produced from the same piece of output.

          Let's assume they are produced from the same piece of output\CDAM file.

          I believe that both 'reports' will be marked as backed up by the backup mission because the SYSDATA\CDAM will be backed up.

          Where this can become dangerous, is if you have 2 reports from the same piece of output that are backed up by 2 different missions.

          One might be backed up by a 7 day mission, the other by a 7 year mission.

          If the 7 day mission runs first, all reports related to the output will be marked as backed up and they will only be backed up for 7 days.

          For this reason you should always ensure that all reports from the same output use the same backup mission, and that your backup missions run in order from longest retention to shortest retention.

          Hope this makes sense and that someone else will tell me if I've got it wrong! I know I've gone on a little tangent from your question.



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            Kevin Ford

            It does make sense, thanks Paul!