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    SDE Support after 31 Dec

    ron sorrell

      While this group is not as active as it use to be,  many of you may still be getting emails from this specific community.
      If you are still planning to use SDE after the EOL on 31 Dec (or running now without support), RjR Innovations has available support options for you to consider. Some of our current team members have been supporting and working this product platform since 1996.

      If you wish to have a lifeline for SDE/Magic going forward beyond just break/fix and get support from a team of SDE/Magic experts, please contact our office.  We currently service clients throughout North America and Europe in both English and French.  We are also in discussion with clients in Australia, so we are flexible in what we can offer.

      To discuss this further,  we can be reached at 800-232-8457 - ask for sales or support. We can discuss your current support needs and future migration options to the newer BMC Products



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