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    BCM Software and License information in Atrium CMDB Asset Management

    Paul Hecker
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      I've seen, and voted up, several very good software license management ideas in BCM (BMC Client Management) but while improvements are being made in BCM, I don't see information on transferring the improved asset discovery, particularly software discovery, into the CMDB.  The document below shows what is currently being provided to the Atrium CMDB from BCM via data integration.


      BMC Atrium CMDB - BMC Client Management class mapping

      URL: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/BCM125/BMC+Atrium+CMDB+-+BMC+Client+Management+class+mapping


      Can anyone tell me if the software currently discovered by BCM can be reported on in Atrium CMDB Asset Management?  I would like to tell users of both BCM and Atrium CMDB that they can report on software usage \ license consumption in Atrium Asset Management.


      The answer will help determine if an idea should be created to send the BCM software inventory and software license management information, or just software license management information, to the CMDB via data integration.


      Thank you for your help.