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    Approvals using User Password

    Shivakumar Mallinar


      Using ITSM 91sp3.

      We would like to approve/reject a pending CR.

      Our requirement is that for the AP rule, Password Required must be Yes.


      When you use UI, the dialog takes your clear text password that you type into a Password field (ID: 102) and approves/rejects the CR.


      When using remedy filter workflow or REST API for a similar payload to push to AP:Detail-Signature form entry, the approval works if the AP rule Password Required is No. But if its Yes, we get error "Error: 45490: Authentication failed. Please enter your valid AR System password.";


      We tried to use both clear text and encrypted passwords to push to AP:Detail-Signature form entry and both give the same error.

      Has anyone done this to use a password to approve/reject a CR using Remedy workflow or any API or REST API? If yes, can you please share?




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          LJ LongWing


          I believe the key is that the user in question (the one needing to be doing the approvals) needs to be the one invoking the REST/API call.  I believe this is needed because the validation done on the PW can only be done on the user that's logged in, not on a given user (otherwise it would be a security risk for me to be able to validate your password)....so, if you can log into Remedy through that users credentials to invoke the call, I think it should work.

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            Shivakumar Mallinar

            LJ, Yes, your solution works!! So I'll assume this query is answered.


            Our other challenge is that the REST API is creating a stage entry using a service account that does all the remedy workflow push.

            So in essence we have to impersonate that request user who needs to approve/reject inside the remedy workflow.

            I'll post your response and solution to this thread later in case it helps others.

            Thanks for dissecting the issue on who can approve via workflow! Thats great.