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    SLM 9.1 - SVT - Push Actions - Missing Form

    T. D.

      I have created an SVT and in the SVT I have a Milestone.  I want to add an action to push text to HPD:Work Log.


      When I click Add under Actions I select Custom > New Push Fields Action.  This opens the form SLM:RuleActionSetValueDlg - PushFields View.



      From this dialog window I click on Push Value To, but the form I want is not available in the drop down menu HPD:Work Log.  I have traced the drop down menu of this field to SLM:AnyObjectName - this menu queries SLM:Object


      This form SLM:Object does not look to be the place where I would add another form in the drop down menu of Push Value To.


      Can someone please assist me to what form I should be adding additional forms?