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    Added attribute not being updated by recon engine

    Steven Seitz

      ARS/AIE 7.6.04 sp4


      I have an AIE job that is working fine, and have added a new attribute called LastDiscoveryUpdate and set this to a value of Date().  This works fine for AIE, in that the discovery dataset is showing the current correct date after the AIE job runs, but the data value is not being reconciled to BMC.ASSET.  All other previously mapped values are being updated, but this one value (which was added after records had already been discovered and reconciled) is not being updated.


      I can see that the records are being updated via recon, however the AttributeDataSourceList does not have a field ID entry for LastDiscoveryUpdate.  Recon is in effect completely ignoring this attribute.


      What appears to happen is that the value is correctly set *when initially created* for the BMC.ASSET record - it is then *never updated*.


      So a record created today has the discovery dataset and the BMC.ASSET dataset both with a value of 11/29/2017

      A record created yesterday has the discovery dataset set to 11/29/2017, BUT BMC.ASSET still shows 11/28/2017.


      Why isn't this attribute being updated?


      Many thanks