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    Best way to create tasks after approval

    Carmen Johnson

      Ok, so I have a request definition that has multiple dependent task. Task 1 kicks off, once closed, Process builder picks it up and updates fields on the SR which in turn kickoff another PB that submits it for approval.  at the same time Task 2 is created with a status of "Pending Approval".


      Once the approval happens, I would like to change the status of the opened task to Approved.  How do I do that?




      Would it be better to not have dependent task and create them from a PB?  I don't think this option is very good as I will have multiple Request Definitions follow this same process, with different tasks associated with them.


      The example is:

      Request New PC - Task for Obtain Quote - once task is closed, then submit for approval - once approved, create all other task (dependent or not) for all other work to be completed.