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    Regarding : DWP Catalog 3.4 : Upgrade

    Sanket Mhatre



      We have upgraded the environment from 3.3 SP1 --> 3.4, however we noticed, end users are not able to view services. Admin users can view it. On further investigation in entitlement page, we noticed below error in F12 logs :

      --> Form does not exist : myit-sb:VirtualMarketplaceUserSearchCache


      In our other environments, 3.3 SP1 --> 3.4 , above form exists. Only problem with this environment. Can anyone suggest , way out of this?


      I tried to again run the upgrade installer SB 3.4 on top of 3.4, with the assumption, it would re-create a form if it's missing, however, installer doesn't allow to run upgrade on top of 3.4.


      John Gallagher Hugh Fairfield any idea./hints what should we do.



      Sanket Mhatre