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    CI Relationship check

    kanchan tripathi

      I have a long list of CI, Those we need to delete from system as per user request, but the issue is how to identify whether a CI has relationship or not. I don't want to check each CI in base_relationship form, as I have a long list of CI to check, it will be a tiring process and time consuming also.   


            I am looking for a way or you can say any flag set in Base_Relationship form, where I can see whether a CI has relationship or not, so that in a single Query I can assess all the CI relationship in one go, is it possible, please guide?

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          Vamsi Yemadabthni



          There are multiple ways doing it, I prefer using pentaho spoon client if you are familiar with it. You can do CMDB look up and get output of all the CI's which have relations and then edit your existing spreadsheet deleting the once which have relations from the spreadsheet and then delete the remaining once from system.


          You can also generate a report from BO or smart reporting and than do the same.


          Please let me know if you have more questions



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