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    All Vms in Storage

    Jorge Xifra
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      Assuming TSCO is connected to vCenter and a Storage


      Is possible to obtain the following information from TSCO? In  a report or as part of a View.


      1. All the VMs in a datastore 
      2. All the VMs in a volume (volume information comes from Storage ETL)
      3. All the VMs in a Storage  (Eg: HP 3PAR)


      The first one is part of the hierarchy relation between VMs and Datastore.

      The third one is also a relation in the Storage ETL


      But not sure how to make the connection between Datastore and Volume


      In Datastore appears:

      Field: Datastore Display Name

      Value: 3PARdata Fibre Channel Disk (naa.60002ac000000000000001130000bff8)


      In Volume appears


      Value: 60002AC0000000000000065E0000BFF8


      Is there any report or view in TSCO that shows this info out of the box?

      Or does require a special query / report?