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    How do I import entities using the CSV file parser ETL, and have those entity names mapped to existing ones that are imported by different connectors?

    Alfred Bonsu
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      I’ve read the KAs below and trying to try this single vs multiple lookup thing, but can’t figure it out. Articles pretty much describe the concept with no step by step examples, etc. 



      So basically these entities (systems) that I’m importing to into TSCO via the CSV file parser ETL, already exist either as KVM Guests(via BPA vis loader) or VMWare Guests (via vCenter).

      What exactly do I need to do to the CSV file, the CSV file parser ETL config, the BPA ETL config or the vCenter ETL config, or any other config in order to get this to work?

      In other words, what steps do I need to take? Right now, I get a new generic (type 0) entity created via the CSV ETL for every KVM Guest or VMWare Guest that already exist.