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    Event detail report error

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      In my environment entuity 15.5. one device is down for 25oct. but in "Event detail report" there are no any event generate in report.  

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          Laurence Balon



          The default setting for event retention on the Entuity server is 14 days. If this event is more than 14 days old (which it is if it was generated on Oct. 25), it will not appear in the report. You can change the event retention time by modifying the entuity.cfg file on the Entuity server. This file is located in the [ENTUITY_HOME]/etc directory.  It is not recommended to set this for > 30 days. Locate the [Events] section and place the following entry into that section:




          The above entry will extend the keep time for events to 30 days.